Elizabeth Messina | Kiss and Make Up

Feeling overwhelmed {read: grouchy} with all that is on your wedding-planning plate? Did last night's "DIY favor date" not work out as decadently as planned?

Maybe you just need this weekend to {gasp!} do something very non-wedding. Chillax in Central Park, head out to the Hamptons, do whatever summer zen-like activity you desire without pouring over the wedding {check-list, color swatches, catering menu...} in your beach chair. You know, give yourself and the fiance some time to reconnect...

And while you're at it- why not get a little lovey-dovey and futz around with Kissing Trees.

A somewhat quirky, yet ethereally designed concept from famed photographer Elizabeth Messina {I love her Kiss The Groom website}, these little guys pack quite a romantic punch...

Elizabeth Messina | Kiss and Make Up
Personalize yours with the words of your choice and pin it to the fridge this weekend. Sounds hokey at first, but somehow they ooze just the right amount of whimsy and romanticism to get you out of your funk and channel you back into that chill and chic chica you are. You know, the one who can go the whole weekend without mentioning the "W" word to said Fiance {wink wink}

Now, go kiss and make up.

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