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The-Plaza-hotel-New-York-WeddingA very happy Friday morning to you, lovelies! We've had a great {yet busy!} week here at Merci New York, and as we wrap up Fashion Week, we wanted to share some very special news... We're Plaza bound!The-Plaza-hotel-New-York-Wedding-Merci-New-york-BlogStarting next month, I will be releasing my inner-Eloise along the halls of the legendary New York hotel to scout out the very best of all-things-Plaza-Wedding as their newly minted wedding columnist. My first article will run in a few short weeks {I'll share the details of a truly tres-chic affair}.... and I do hope you will tune in to see all the special ingredients of a perfect Plaza fete. You can learn more here.The-Plaza-hotel-New-York-Wedding-Merci-New-york-BlogOn the home front, it will be business as usual here at Merci - with a twist. We'll continue to provide style-focused stories for the busy city bride, and our Parisian market editor, Amelie, will continue to share decidedly French inspirations with our readers. But there will also be a cast of new characters on board, familiar names who you know, love and cannot wait to learn more from.The-Plaza-hotel-New-York-Wedding-Merci-New-york-BlogThanks as always for your loyal readership, friendship and support... Have a wonderful weekend!

Merci New York Pens For The PlazaJacqueline

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Title: Youtube's Newest Partner, bundangbear, Thanks YOU 감사합니다 Merci! Gracias! شكرًا

bundangbear became a Youtube partner on September 2, 2009. He wishes to take this time to thank his many friends and fans from around the globe, as well as some of his haters who have given him more channel views. He also asks his friends and fans for suggestions to not only improve the Youtube community, but the HUMAN community, for not all of us on Planet Earth have internet access.

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Title: Udo Jürgens - Merci Cherie 1980

Udo Jürgens - Merci Cherie 1980
Siegertitel beim Eurovision Song Contest 1966

Merci, Merci, Merci für die Stunden,
Cherie, Cherie, Cherie,
uns're Liebe war schön, so schön,
Mercie, Cherie,
sei nicht traurig, muß ich auch von Dir geh'n.

Adieu, adieu, adieu,
Deine Tränen tun weh, so weh, so weh,
unser Traum fliegt dahin, dahin,
Merci, Cherie,
weine nicht, auch das hat so seinen Sinn.

Schau nach vorn, nicht zurück,
zwingen kann man kein Glück,
denn kein Meer ist so wild wie die Liebe,
die Liebe allein,
nur die kann so sein, so sein, so sein.


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